Supporting Your Financial Journey

The path of your financial future involves climbs, descents, unforeseen changes, and unexpected challenges.

It’s a journey that is alive and changing every day. Creating a plan to conquer these challenges is essential, and understanding what is driving you to your destination will help shape the path you are on. No matter where you start, navigating the unknown is the most critical part of any journey, and this is where we can help.

Our approach is simple: Understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow – then build a strategy to help get you there.

What does it take to transition into retirement with confidence?

A confident retirement doesn’t come from throwing a few coins in a coffee can. It comes from years of saving, planning, and strategizing. It involves sacrifice, challenges, and hopefully many reward.

To get there, you must plan a comprehensive trail map. One that can help you through the twists, turns, mountains, and valleys of life. One that is built to meet your short-term and long term goals.

This is what we do.

Retirement Planning

We see the transition to retirement as a time of shifting priorities. As the era of accumulating assets winds down, your expectations for your retirement portfolio will begin to change. Retirement brings a change in mindset. 
Instead of “How much can I make?” the question becomes, “How can I make it last?”

You retirement may seem near at hand or far away, but one thing is certain: your future will differ from your present. Financially, that fact is worth remembering. Some of the costs you have paid regularly all these years may suddenly decrease or fade away. Others may increase. The real question is, “Do you feel confident about your transition to retirement?”

Start with these questions:

  • What is your projected monthly income during retirement, and will it be consistent?
  • Are you prepared for increasing medical costs as you age?
  • When is the right time to start collecting Social Security?

20's - Compounding

Decades away from retirement, you have a great opportunity to use the one factor that promotes wealth building perhaps more than any other – the power of compounding.

30's & 40's - Accumulation

During this phase, you may experience exciting life changes such as new job or investment opportunities, marriage or an addition to the family. This is the period in which you will focus on maximizing your investment options to accumulate for retirement savings.

50's & 60's - Pre-Retirement

The last 10-5 years before you decide to retire are some of the most critical. At this point you will want to re-evaluate your current portfolio, retirement contributions, social security strategy and other important items which will need attention prior to your official retirement date.

70's - Distribution

After you have crossed the bridge to retirement, you will be focusing on your retirement income, tax strategy, RMD’s and many other financial considerations. It is important to know what your options are, now that you are no longer bringing home a paycheck.